Up to retirement…

Many years on the road …


Airport & Resort Transfer, AcquaPur, Munich

TaxiCo, GoldyCo, Coppens – one company, several activities

In Munich, the business venture developed initially as a small passenger transportation firm and in 1986 was registered locally in the Munich Trade Register as an Airport & Resort Transfer company.

Later, the company was divided into several sectors …

TaxiCo took on business-oriented, passenger transportation and was responsible for Airport & Resort Transfer up until 2019.

TaxiCo always remained a family business in which spouse Lorraine looked after customer relations and logistics and son Steven Coppens managed the TaxiCo-GoldyCo-Group and TaxiCo-GoldyCo-Coppens.net/e.K. as General Manager.

TaxiCo’s slogan: The small business serving big business described company policy until closure in 2019.

After a period of some years as Sales Representative in Ambient Home Climate Optimization in Australia and Germany, Peter-John Coppens continued his interest within this future-oriented clean air and water treatment technological sector, under the GoldyCo name.

Coppens-Makler (Broker) stepped into Real Estate as a fully-licensed estate agent after gaining experience during many active years in Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Airport & Resort Transfer – for the business and professional community

TaxiCo fulfilled the demands of the business community for professional passenger transportation. Supplying efficient and economical transfer services between airports, corporate venues and accommodation (resorts), a business-class shuttle service with more than adequate capacity was established, which, supported by the Co-op Group structure, was always able to satisfy all customer requirements.  

Marketing and PR – always present

GoldyCo was always present with its marketing expertise at a local level and has remained an interesting occupation for Peter-John Coppens’ days in retirement.

Business politics – a small success story

In order to avoid any kind of false impression, Peter-John Coppens arrived in business politics more-or-less by accident. “Like the Virgin Mary to her child”. For companies with explicit targets, changes to political structures have to be made from time to time. The City of Munich now acknowledges the presence of the Taxi München e.G. Cooperative Society (with its’ more than 2000 members) and accompanies it in a supportive manner into the future. The route was not so straightforward, but was eventually successful, bringing with it a certain intended degree of awareness and approval from the co-op partners.