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Airport & Resort Transfer TaxiCo fulfills the expectations for passenger conveyance within the Business Community with its efficient and economical transfer services between airport and event locations or accomodation (resorts). It offers Business Class Shuttle Services able to match capacity demands through the Coppens Co-op-Group structure. WIth its spacious premium vehicles in the hands of experienced Business-Drivers, TaxiCo is allways there, on the spot, rendering its allround services during all arrival and departure times at airport, congress center, hotel or office. Backed by the Coppens Group, TaxiCo can cover any transfer reqirements. Although one of the smaller organisations, TaxiCo, under the management of Steven W. Coppens, is right up front alongside the “Big Boys” today. Business-Drivers Taxis and hire cars with driver TaxiCo’s Hotline: + 49 (0)163 693 4000  

Peter-John Coppens

For GLOBAL Players Call Center & Cost Control Services Call-, Accounting-, Time-, Transfer Sharing Coordination System
HQ: + 49 (0) 89 693 400 00
Image: Munich-Airport Business-Drivers Taxis and hire cars with driver