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We are Peter-John, Lorraine, Antony, Janine and Steven…


Auckland, Sydney, Munich

Peter-John Coppens

As founder and former owner of the TaxiCo-GoldyCo-Coppens Group, Peter-John Coppens’ corporate culture was built upon the character of the owner, an Australian national of Bavarian extraction – aka the Panda.

A liberal-conservative imprint and multicultural family connections in Germany, the Netherlands, North America, Australia and New Zealand sculptured Peter-John Coppens into a real cosmopolitan, whose main activities were centered around international corporations – today’s Global Players. In 1965, the twenty-year old design draughtsman emigrated to Australia, where, as a “multi-jobber”, he was able to satisfy his aspirations down-under and later became an Australian citizen.

Initially a cartographer in an oil, gas and mineral exploration company based in Australia and New Zealand, he later became a salesman in the publishing sector before establishing his own companies under the names Print & Graphic Communication Ltd. and Pacific Press Ltd. For personal reasons, both companies were sold in 1977 and he returned with his family to Bavaria to pursue new ideas in Munich.
Independent thinking and carrying responsibility personally were the basics on which entrepreneur Peter-John Coppens conducted business from the beginning back in 1972.

Lorraine Coppens

Always influential from the background, Lorraine left New Zealand, her homeland, in 1977 and accompanied her husband to a new life in Bavaria, where they started a family with the arrival of Antony, followed by Janine and Steven.

Lorraine’s first responsibilities lay, then as now, with the family, while, at the same time, supporting Peter on the public relations and customer-care side within the company.

Antony, Janine and Steven

Antony, is active today in the logistics branch but was always on hand to assist his father with the business.

Janine followed her own instincts after completing her studies in Marketing und Communications and is active as a freelancer today.

Steven was General Manager of the company for three years before it was sold in 2020.